How To Know When Your Refrigerator Needs Repair

One of the easiest ways to realize you need a new refrigerator is the beverages aren't cold anymore and the food is starting to spoil. You may also notice the compressor is staying on all of the time. In fact, there are a lot of ways to tell your refrigerator needs some repair work.

The Age of the Refrigerator

According to U. S. News, most refrigerators will last for approximately thirteen years. You need to consider how old your unit is before you make repairs. It might not be worth the expense if you have an older refrigerator. Your receipt of purchase or the warranty should tell you how old the refrigerator is.

Condensation in the Refrigerator

There should never be any condensation on the inside or outside of your fridge. When this happens, you could have bad gaskets or seals that need to be replaced or repaired. If the door isn't closing properly, the warm air will venture inside of the unit. You will notice the food also appears to be sweating.  

Compressor Motor Problems

If you don't feel any vibration or hear any noise from the refrigerator, you could have compressor issues. Turn the cold control (located inside of the refrigerator) off to stop the compressor. Turn the cold control unit back on and listen to see if you can feel a difference. If you can, the compressor was operational.

The Thermostat

The thermostat could be faulty if the compressor is running but won't turn off. The thermostat is not an expensive item to replace. However, if it is the compressor, that is a bit pricier.

Ice is Forming in the Freezer and on the Food

Several things can be checked to resolve this issue:

  • The Settings: Begin by checking the refrigerator's settings.
  • The Vents: Make sure nothing is blocking the vents in the freezer.
  • Bottom Drawer Freezers: If you have a bottom drawer freezer unit, the food will be colder since hot air rises. This means the food in the upper section might be okay, but the bottom could be too cold.
  • Ice Makers: If you have an icemaker, you need to see if that is constantly running which could make the foods freeze.
  • Pack it Tight: A full freezer unit will absorb more of the cold air. If the space in the freezer isn't fully packed, the cold air will drop to the bottom of the freezer and put a super freeze on the contents of the unit.

The Power Bill is High

When your refrigerator is beginning to give you problems, you may notice an increase in your energy bill.

If any of the above issues are evident, that could also be costing quite a bit more money. It might take a professional to properly diagnose the issues involved with repairing a refrigerator unless you are experienced working with cooling issues. For more information, contact an appliance repair professional.

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