2 Simple Fixes For An Electric Clothes Dryer That Won't Heat

Because clothing dryers are typically so dependable, it can be easy to take them for granted. For that reason, a dryer that no longer functions as expected can easily throw you into a panic. Luckily, while certain dryer problems will require the assistance of a professional appliance repair person, others can be solved on your own with relatively little difficulty. This article will teach you two easy fixes for an electric clothes dryer won't heat. 

Check the circuit breaker.

As appliances go, clothes dryers draw a pretty heavy amount of juice from your home's electrical system. For that reason--though many people fail to realize it--most dryers are allotted not just one, but two dedicated switches on your circuit breaker. One of these supplies energy to the motor, while the other supplies energy to the heating element.

Therefore, the simplest explanation for a dryer that rotates yet fails to generate heat, is that one of the breaker switches needs to be reset. Check your electrical box to see if this is the case. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that this is all that is required to get your dryer up and running the way it should.

Inspect the heating element for breaks.

The heat in an electric dryer is supplied by the so-called heating element. In most cases, this consists of a coiled wire with two terminals that allow electricity to flow through it. In this sense, the heating element is not unlike the filament in a light bulb. Just as a light bulb won't light up when the filament is broken, so a dryer won't produce heat if the heating element has broken.

Thus the next step is to visually inspect the heating element. On some machines, it may be necessary to remove the drum in order to access the heating element. Others allow you to do so much easier, by simply by removing the dryer's back panel. Check your dryer's manual to determine which method you will have to follow. Before dismantling any part of the dryer, however, it is vital that you unplug it, in order to protect yourself from the risk of electrical shock.

A bad heating element is easy to recognize. The coil will literally be broken somewhere, therefore preventing electricity to flow through it. If this is the case, consult your manual for the specific part number and order the appropriate replacement. Contact a business, such as A-1 Appliance Service, for more information. 

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