How To Take Care Of A Washing Machine Properly

It's important for you to have as much knowledge as possible about how you can go about keeping your washer in good working order so you can avoid costly repairs or even a complete replacement. The information provided here will help you to keep your washer working how it should.

Keep it on level ground

The first thing you want to do is to make sure that your washing machine is set on level ground when you put it in your laundry room. If the ground isn't completely level, then some models may have feet that you can adjust by twisting them. Otherwise, you can use boards to get the washer to sit level. If you put the washing machine on uneven ground, then it is going to loudly rock when it is washing your clothes and this can lead to irritating noises and the washer getting off balance. Parts can become worn out and need replacement faster.

Don't wash very large loads

When you fill the washer with large loads, it puts more stress on the machine. Also, your clothes will be tightly shoved in the unit and this can cause some of them to work their way into the tight areas of the washer where they can get stuck or torn. If you have large blankets or other large items to wash, you may want to go to the laundromat and use the large-sized washing machines they have for this purpose.

Don't set the machine on its side

When you are moving a washing machine, you want to keep it in an upright position. Laying it on its side can cause the tub to become off balance and this can lead to the need for repairs in order to get the machine working properly again.

Wash the washing machine

If you have noticed that your clothes aren't coming out of the washing machine smelling as fresh and clean as they should, then it may be time to wash the machine out. This will get rid of any mildew smells that the machine is passing on to your clothing. To wash the machine, run the machine on "hot" as if you were going to do a load of clothes. Once the tub has filled with water, open the lid and pour in about a quart of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda. Shut the lid and allow the washing machine to do its thing.

Now that you have a good understanding of how your washing machine works, you have a better chance of keeping yours working like new for a long time. If you do need some repairs, contact a professional like those at SERVTECH APPLIANCE REPAIR.

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