Three Easy Ways To Boost The Longevity Of Your Clothes Dryer

Your clothes dryer provides an invaluable service that greatly increases the ease of taking care of your household laundry. Not convinced? A dryer breakdown can quickly show you that you've been taking this appliance for granted as you perform the time-consuming task of hanging your clothing on a clothesline. While a licensed appliance repair contractor can quickly have your dryer up and running again, the best strategy is always to treat the dryer in a manner that will help it last as long as possible. Here are three easy ways that you can extend the life of this appliance.

Run Short Drying Cycles And Check The Loads Frequently

It's easy to toss a load of wet clothing into the dryer, set the timer to the maximum allowable setting and forget about it. The problem with this strategy, beyond likely increasing your electric bill unnecessarily, is that many of the clothing items can dry out before the cycle is finished, thus meaning that the machine is going through unnecessary wear and tear that can shorten its life. It's better to set the drying cycle to a short interval, check the load to remove wet clothing and continue this pattern until everything is dry.

Hang Up What You Can

While it's convenient to simply transfer everything from the washing machine into the dryer, the reality is that many items don't need drying in this manner if you're not in a rush to wear them. It's beneficial to have a drying rack in the laundry room to hang underwear, socks and household items such as dishcloths. While these items will end up with more wrinkles than the items in the dryer, wrinkles are largely inconsequential for such pieces. This simple strategy means that you'll be drying much less, which can lead to less usage of the appliance.

Have The Vents Cleaned

Removing the lint from the dryer filter is important, but if you're not having the vents cleaned regularly, you're only doing part of the job. You should aim to have the dryer vents cleaned about once per year, or more if you do a lot of laundry. This increases the efficiency of the machine, which means that your drying loads will be done in less time – saving unjustified wear and tear on the machine. Cleaning the vents can be an arduous task, especially if the dryer's vent is long. As such, it's best to hire an appliance service company like Kaylor Appliance & Refrigeration Service for this job.


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