How To Keep Food On Hand For A Big Family With A Small Kitchen

If you have a lot of people in your home and your kitchen isn't large enough to store a week or more's worth of food, then you want to get creative when it comes to making more space for your food so you don't find yourself needing to go to the store every other day, or over run with food falling out of the freezer and off of the counters. Learn about some good ways to create more food space in your home by reading this article.

Designate a nearby closet

You can designate a closet nearest to the kitchen as a good storage facility for your canned goods. By putting most of your canned goods in this closet, you will have much more room in the cupboards for your breads, cereals, boxed meals, spices and other foods.

In order to prepare the closet as a canned goods storage area, you want to purchase shelving brackets, screws and properly measured and cut plywood. Install shelves that allow you plenty of height to see the cans you have in the back. However, you don't want to make the shelves so high that you can't fit enough of them in the closet to accommodate the number of canned goods you need.

You can paint the surface of the shelves or cover them with wallpaper or shelf paper. You can even install spice racks on the back of the closet door as an extra space for some of your spices or other small packaged foods.

Get a standalone freezer

You can get a standalone freezer that you can put in your garage, laundry room or other area that has enough room for it. These freezers come in many sizes and models, so you can choose one that accommodates your needs and fits where you need it to.

You can clear out a lot of your freezer by using your standalone freezer. You'll also be able to stock up on more meats when they are on sale and this can help your food budget, especially when you are shopping for a large family.

Along with freezing frozen foods, you can also use the freezer to freeze other foods so they last longer and they are out of the way. Bread, milk and cheese are a few examples of other foods you can put into the standalone freezer. If you notice your freezer making strange noises, you should have it looked at to make sure it continues functioning properly. To learn more about freezers, contact a company like Seattle's Best Appliance Repair

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